Promoting the sector of sport education at the International level


Quality assurance and improvement of public health & global health education and training.


Promoting and facilitating high quality, socially accountable and ethical education and training of public health workforces throughout the world.


Promoting the sector of sport education at the International level.

Who We Are

The International Assocation for Health and Fitness Education (IAHFE) is an international non-profit organisation and has been active in the field of sport education since 1999. Today, IAHFE works to create learning opportunities for individuals leading, developing, and supporting sport activities.

Highly engaged

IAHFE is highly engaged in pan-European projects, connects organisations working in the field of sport education, and is the voice of the sector on a European level.

IAHFE membership

Being an IAHFE member connects you and your organization to the heart of European Sport. IAHFE encourages its members to work together on collaborative projects and connect.

IAHFE Accreditation

IAHFE represents the five leading associations of public health and is committed to assuring and improving the quality of educational activities throughout the globe.

Why IAHFEE accreditation is important?

Accreditation is aimed at supporting the continued amelioration of education and training for public health workforces throughout the world by providing an international and transparent quality recognition. IAHFE accreditation is available to any public health institution, programme or training course throughout the world.

Contributes to the development, transparency and convergence of Public Health education and provides an added sector based value to national quality assurance and accreditation.

Educational Services

Through partnerships with the Governmental and non-profit sectors, International Assocation for Health and Fitness Education promotes programs and initiatives that motivate people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to lead active, healthy lives. International Assocation for Health and Fitness Education offer’s a variety of specialized courses in the field of Sports Sciences Education.

International Assocation for Health and Fitness Education work’s to create awareness of quality health and fitness initiatives to the general public. Ensuring accessibility to quality programs and to educate the general public to the benefit that the programs can have on the lives of their participants and especially future generations.

IAHFE focuses on accreditation of public health education as well as activities designed to help schools and programmes of public health achieve accreditation. In addition IAHFE also validate individual curricula, offer supportive consultancy services and, along with partners, research the field of public health accreditation.

The International Assocation for Health and Fitness Education

The International Assocation for Health and Fitness Education is recognized in over 180 countries by the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding), the NPC (National Physique Committee), the ICA (International Chiropractic Association), IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association) Associate member, Judson University (Sport Science Dept), American College of Longevity Medicine, and the first to receive a proclamation from the Georgia State Senate. The IAHFE recognition may be recognized in most gyms. We advise checking with gym ownership for certification requirements.


The Agency is responsible for most management aspects of the sport programmes, including: Drawing up conditions and guidelines for funding opportunities. Evaluating applications, selecting projects and signing project agreements.Financial management. Contacts with beneficiaries. Monitoring of projects (intermediate and final reports, and controls)

Project visits

Information and support to applicants and beneficiaries. Dissemination and exploitation of projects’ results. Contribution to International Knowledge and expertise.


Be an established, diverse and leading sport education charity for the independent and training sectors. Expand accreditation and consultancy activities in the USA and international markets.

Recognized certification

Certification is recognised by USA and overseas governments as an influential voice on standards and quality for the independent sport education sector.

Educational Consultants

Our accredited consultant program helps educational consultants benefit from an ever expanding network of more than 1 million students and thousands of sport institutes, faculty members and educationists worldwide.


Members may achieve accreditation as a result of work in applied sport/exercise science support, research or pedagogy. In all cases the process and the judgement of generic knowledge, skills and professional practice will apply although how these are expressed and the “client” group will differ.






Accredited Institutions


Enrolled Students